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As a business, being connected is a vital part of your company’s success and profitability. Offline time for you or your employees can be devastating and finding a solution can be both costly and time consuming. We specialize in keeping you connected and eliminating that stress from your already busy schedule.

  • Data Security
  • Convenient pick-up and delivery service options.
  • The industry’s most highly trained and professional technicians.

Why is this important for your business?

At Cell Phone Repair or Gadget Repair & Sales, technical and operational excellence lays the foundation for quality and organizational efficacy, with a focus on standardized procedures, excellent customer service, and continuous improvement.

Dedicated service, industry expertise and trusted technicians are the way we earn your trust and build strong partnerships. We guarantee to offer all of our customers the best customer service.
Are you using multiple carriers for your Corporate Liable lines?  Your employees using various carriers throughout the nation? Not a problem. Our services are carrier neutral.

Employee Discounts

We can also offer employee discount programs for cell phone and other gadget repair or maintenance.